Display home

See our beautiful display home

You’ve bought a block of land and have a new home vision – but before you even engage a builder, it’s important to check out a display home.

Because let’s face it: while beautiful brochures are great to look at, there’s nothing like actually walking through a display home to get a sense of what your own new home would look like. You can check out the dimensions and layouts, which can be hard to get your head around on paper. You can touch the finishes and inspect the quality up-close. And you can explore every nook and cranny – while asking all the questions you want of the staff on site.

We do things a little different, our large full sized double storey display home is actually built inside our showroom, we did this so the selections center and head office and displays are all under one roof offering an easier and more enjoyable customer experience. Our Display Home has been built with very few upgrades as our customers want to know what is included with their quote, this way you can see the level of quality included standard and upgrade features that are important to you if you wish. Our customers appreciate this honest and transparent approach to building.

So we’d love to invite you to come and wander around our display home and check out our exceptional craftsmanship. We use the finest materials in every home we build, and you’ll find a lot of thought has gone into everything from the finishes to the functional touches.

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